We are Houston’s first full service women's physical therapy center specializing in breast surgery rehabilitation and female pelvic rehabilitation.

At The Woman’s Hospital of Texas, our Physical Therapy Department specializes in services and treatments for pelvic floor problems, pregnancy and postpartum care, and breast surgery rehabilitation, including management of lymphedema.

We offer care when you are in pain and to enhance your physical health.

  • Our treatment techniques improve daily quality of life, strengthen and tone muscles, reduce pain, restore function, and prevent disability.
  • All of our therapists have extensive post-graduate training in women’s and pelvic health.
  • Our clinic provides a clean, safe environment where open communication with your therapist is encourage.

Patients are served by a team of women's health physical therapists who start with an evaluation to help identify the cause of ailment and provide the right treatment for correcting or minimizing the condition. Our team actively communicates with your physician to inform them the progress made. In addition, we provide extensive education and resources to teach you how to manage your symptoms at home.

Pelvic Health Physical Therapy

Pelvic floor has a layer of muscles that support our organs such as the bladder, uterus and bowel. Through child birth or simply part of aging, the supported tissue can weaken and can cause several conditions such as organ prolapse, urinary or fecal incontinence. These muscles can also become tense and painful resulting in pelvic pain, sexual pain, constipation and discomfort sitting.

Our team of pelvic floor therapy specialists will work with you to provide the proper treatment. Through evaluation and tailored exercise, our patients will get an all integrated therapy to bring back their quality of life.

Prenatal and Postpartum Physical Therapy

Pregnancy and delivery are challenging feats that women experience, in fact, 40% of women complain of aches and pains during pregnancy.

After delivery, women often experience post-pregnancy belly, back pain, painful and tight scars, weakness/pain in the pelvic floor. Left unattended, these may lead to problems with organ prolapse, urinary or fecal leakage or sexual pain; if not soon after delivery, then several months later.

We provide individualized prenatal and postpartum physical therapy for women during and after pregnancy to help manage pain, regain muscle tone, and minimize pelvic floor issues.

Breast Surgery Physical Therapy

Helping patients with breast cancer from diagnosis to recovery requires the expertise of several healthcare providers. Our full service therapy center specializes in women’s breast surgery rehabilitation and lymphedema management.

Our highly specialized staff includes therapists certified by the Lymphology Association of North America who help minimize swelling caused by lymphedema through gold standard treatments, including massage, lymph drainage, compression, and exercise.

Physical Therapy Appointments

Our services are offered at The Woman’s Hospital of Texas main campus at 7400 Fannin, Suite 1145. For an appointment, please call (713) 799-6193.

Discuss your need for physical therapy with your physician. You will have to provide a prescription from your physician before you begin therapy. This script must include your name, diagnosis, and the physician’s signature. We verify your insurance benefits and bill your insurance for therapy (if therapy is included in your plan). Your co-pay will be due at every visit.

The Woman’s Hospital of Texas bills your insurance company every month and either reimburses you for over payment or bills you for any balances. You may call the Business Office if you need to make special financial arrangements.

We also offer a flat rate for physical therapy for patients who do not have insurance. This rate is time based. Please call (713) 799-6193 or (713) 799-6125 for more information.