Is it time for you to consider preconception planning?

Planning for pregnancy is different with every woman's health. For some women, physically preparing for pregnancy may take a few months, but for others, it may take longer and they may begin to consider infertility treatment. Regardless if it's the first, second or third baby, necessary steps should be taken to ensure you are ready for a healthy pregnancy.

Scheduling a Preconception Visit

Before getting pregnant, talk with your OBGYN about preconception health care. During your preconception visit, you will discuss your health history and possible medical conditions. This is also a great time to discuss concerns or ask any questions you may have. During the visit, your doctor will also want to talk about vaccinations, lifestyle and behaviors, medications and overall health and wellness to aid in optimal conception.

Other preconception health considerations:

  • Take 400 mcg of folic acid daily
  • Avoid alcohol, nicotine and recreational drugs while trying to conceive
  • Avoid cat litter/stool while trying to conceive
  • Avoid toxic substances and environmental contaminants. Avoid harmful chemicals, metals, and other toxic substances around the home and in the workplace
  • Reach and maintain a healthy weight
  • Learn your family history