We provide Houston’s first full service therapy center specializing in physical therapy after breast cancer surgery and lymphedema management.

Helping patients with breast cancer from diagnosis to recovery requires the expertise of several healthcare providers.

Our therapy center specializes in women’s breast cancer surgery rehabilitation, including post mastectomy physical therapy and lymphedema management. Patients also benefit from the collective expertise of our highly specialized staff that includes therapists certified by the Lymphology Association of North America (LANA Certification).

Our Breast Surgery Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Services

The goal of physical therapy is to help you to treat and minimize swelling caused by lymphedema, feeling “stuck” along your surgical scars, and maintaining or improving the movement of your arm so that you are able to enjoy your daily activities. Physical therapy can also help patients maintain or increase shoulder flexibility post-surgery.

Before Breast Cancer Surgery

Before your breast surgery, you will come in one time where we will take your “baseline” measurements to use as a reference point for your post-operative condition. We have the state of the art equipment to measure swelling in your arm before it becomes visible as swelling. This is called measuring bio-impedance using L-Dex equipment. These measurements include:

  • Measurement of your natural lymphatic flow using state of the art technology to measure bioimpedance. We are one of the few Centers in Houston that offer this service. This baseline measurement is important and will be lost if not captured prior to surgery. We use this measurement as a reference point to compare future measurements.
  • Measurement of any limitations in movement in the arm

In addition, we provide important information on how to detect early signs of lymphedema after surgery.

Physical Therapy After Breast Surgery

New measurements will be taken to record new baseline of lymphatic flow after surgery and lymph node removal. This will detect early swelling that is not yet “visible”. Identifying lymphedema early means we start treatment early and we have a better chance of recovery.

Treatment for lymphedema will include all the gold standard treatment options: manual lymph drainage, bandaging, pneumatic pump, prescriptions for proper compression sleeves, gloves or vests as needed.

  • Soft tissue massage: Our LANA (Lymphology Association of North America) certified therapists will use gentle/comfortable hands-on soft tissue massage to gain movement and strength in your arm(s) so you can enjoy your daily activities.
  • Scar massage: This type of massage will keep your scars pliable so you don’t feel “stuck” and you will learn how to do this at home
  • Lymph drainage: By using specialized type of soft tissue work called “manual lymph drainage” your therapist will re-route lymph fluid to drain into open channels & minimize swelling.

Patients are educated on how the lymphatic system works, how to detect early swelling, what precautions to take and specific ways to encourage lymph drainage. In addition, they learn specific exercises for strength and mobility and how to self-treat swelling at home.

Physical Therapy Appointments for Breast Cancer Surgery

We provide lymphedema treatment after breast cancer surgery that is personalized, gentle, respectful and with great care to ensure your privacy.

You will need to discuss your need for physical therapy with your physician and provide a prescription before you begin therapy. This script must include your name, diagnosis, and the physician’s signature.

For more information about our services or to make an appointment, please call (713 ) 799-6193.