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stephanie s.
she is why we are here.


Stephanie S.

Stephanie’s chilled out nature around her three active boys makes motherhood look easy. But nothing was easy about having surgery to remove a brain tumor during her second pregnancy while living in California.

So, when she moved back to Houston and was pregnant with her third, Woman’s delivered just the care and confidence she needed.

Who is she? She's Stephanie.

Meet Stephanie

You moved back to Houston from California just a few years ago, how’s it living here the second time around?

It’s great! People in Houston are really, really nice. It’s nice to feel part of a great community in our neighborhood and school. Things are close by and easy and I like the diversity.

You’ve got three adorable, young boys. So, what’s that like?

I’m still getting used to it, to be honest. I was sporty, but I was also a girly girl growing up. I’ve come to terms with being a boy-only mom. I love how much they love me and look up to me.

I've come to terms with being a boy-only mom. I love how much they love me and look up to me. - stephanie.s

Your youngest was born at The Woman’s Hospital of Texas. How was that experience?

I couldn’t have asked for a better birth experience at Woman’s. My doctor there, I just adore her and she made me feel so comfortable. Everything was so scheduled and organized. Nobody was putting pressure on me to do anything.

You had a scary experience when pregnant with your middle child. Can you tell us about it?

When I was 20 weeks pregnant, I started to lose my vision. It started when I was driving down the highway and realized I couldn’t see the exit signs well. A month later, it really hit: I saw all gray.

I got an MRI and a brain tumor was discovered, so I had surgery at 22 weeks to remove it. The great news was that they were able to remove the whole tumor and it was benign. Post-surgery was the hardest. The pain was excruciating, and I couldn’t take medication because of being pregnant.

It was shock. When do you ever expect to have a brain tumor when you're pregnant and have a two-year-old running around? - stephanie.s

After the brain tumor, did you have concerns when you found out you were pregnant with your third?

There was no turning back really, so I didn’t worry... It happened so quickly, and my doctors made me feel everything was going to be ok.

Has the scare of that tumor changed you and if so, in what ways?

I think it’s made me feel stronger but also scared, because after having a third, you’re outnumbered, and I’ve got three kids that rely on me. Though that surgery makes me feel like I can get through anything.

Do you ever find yourself talking to other women about your experience?

It’s just not a topic of conversation. When women talk with other women, we basically just talked about our kids and school... we don’t really talk about our health too much — in my experience.

What’s the best part about being a woman, in your mind?

Being able to transform yourself from time to time. We change the way we look and feel quality — whether getting our hair done or getting dressed for an occasion.

What advice do you have for stay-at-home moms like yourself?

Find something that makes you happy and continue to do it on a weekly basis.

What word best describes you?


What makes you feel powerful as a woman?

It could be the smallest things, like when I can check things off my checklist. At the end of the day, if I’ve done 25 things ... picked up the kid, teeth all brushed and kids in bed ... that makes me feel powerful for sure.

How important is it for you to put yourself first at times?

I’m starting to try to, now that I have the baby in preschool part time. It’s becoming a priority.

What inspires you?

Women. Other women.

Who is Stephanie five years from now, and what’s she up to?

I hope to be working. Whether it’s something on my own or somewhere. I worked at a digital marketing agency while living in L.A. But for now, I’m just enjoying the kid time. What’s the saying? They’re only young once!


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