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Intermediate NICU

Babies who are born close to or before their due date, and those who have medical conditions requiring less-intensive monitoring, stay in our Level II nursery. Beds here include radiant warmers, incubators, and open cribs. Heart and respiratory rate, blood pressure, and temperature are monitored less frequently, and nutrition may be given by I.V., tube feeding, bottle-feeding, or breastfeeding. Babies may go home from this nursery or may be transferred to our newborn nursery if their mother is still hospitalized.

We invite you to ask questions. We encourage you to visit as often as possible – to hold, touch, talk to, and care for your baby as his or her condition allows.

Parents may call the NICU any time to ask about their baby. When you call, ask for the nurse caring for your baby, and use the last name of the baby's mother. We realize grandparents and other family members are concerned; however, to protect the privacy and confidentiality of our families, we only give information to the parents of the baby.

Intermediate NICU East Tower – Please contact 713-791-7411
Intermediate NICU West Tower – Please contact 713-791-7331