NICU Transport

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, The Woman's Hospital of Texas provides care for mothers in high risk pregnancy situations and babies born prematurely who need emergency transport services to Woman's.

Our OB/Neonatal Transport Team is committed to providing expedient and skilled response to referring physicians and hospitals within a 100 mile radius. The NICU Transport Team has specialized skills and equipment to care for newborns as they are transported to the hospital, we call it our traveling NICU.

Care begins immediately. While in route The Woman's Hospital of Texas neonatologist consults with the attending physician to collaborate on care options. The actual transport team traveling with the ill baby includes; a neonatal transport nurse, transport respiratory therapist and paramedic. All members of the transport team are recruited from existing Woman's staff, they are required to complete specialized training and pass a competency-based skills test prior to their first transport. This is essential, as when deployed, the team become the eyes and ears of the neonatologist.

From the time of arrival, until the end of the shift, there is a baby or parent in need of our support.  The work we do is critical to saving a life and every second matters. At Woman's we approach our jobs with this intensity. Well-trained and bonded like a family, we quickly arrange for the transport and begin the life-saving process.

  • It all starts with a phone call. From there, our team prepares for mothers in high-risk situations.
  • As the helicopter lands, the life-saving work is already underway.
  • Nurses and physicians race the infants or expectant mothers to the Emergency Room.