Houston, TX – The Woman’s Hospital of Texas, in partnership with Bridget’s Cradles, is working to provide support and comfort to grieving parents who experience a pregnancy or infant loss. Ashley Opliger, founder of Bridget’s Cradles, and members of the Bridget’s Cradles team visited The Woman’s Hospital of Texas to donate 200 handmade knit and crochet cradles and 350 memory keepsakes which are designed to offer comfort, love and hope to families in the moment of their loss and grief. 

Bridget’s Cradles has donated cradles and memory keepsakes to The Woman’s Hospital of Texas since 2020. Bridget’s Cradles is an organization founded after Matt and Ashley Opliger’s daughter, Bridget Faith, was stillborn at 24 weeks gestation in October 2014. The organization provides knitted and crocheted cradles to more than 1,300 hospitals in all 50 states. Bridget’s Cradles also has a support ministry called Hope Gatherings and provides online hope-filled resources for families grieving the loss of a baby including monthly online support groups. 

“It was wonderful to meet the team at The Woman’s Hospital of Texas and to have the opportunity to speak with the nursing team who helps distribute our cradles to families,” said Opliger. “We want to comfort as many families as possible across the country, and we’ve been honored to partner with over 50 HCA hospitals to make that happen.” 

The Woman’s Hospital of Texas works with organizations such as Bridget’s Cradles to help offer support and resources to families in the hospital and after they go home. On October 22, The Woman’s Hospital of Texas will host “A Walk of Remembrance,” a community remembrance walk and luminary display in memory of our babies. This is a free event for families who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss along with their friends and family.

For more information about the event or to register, please visit womanshospital.com under the classes and events tab.

Bridget’s Cradle donates 200 handmade knit and crochet cradles and 350 memory keepsakes to The Woman’s Hospital of Texas. Pictured (L-R): Maria Childs, Casey Siegrist, Kristi Hardy, Stacey Rockwell, Amanda Thomas, Ashley Opliger, Hannah Gelbs-Gadd, Simi Ciruti and Clarissa Daly.

Members of The Woman’s Hospital of Texas nursing leadership and team display the donated cradles from Bridget’s Cradle. Pictured (L-R) Kristi Hardy, Clarissa Daly, Michelle Stemley and Simi Ciruti.