Newborn Nursery

A healthy start

Some mothers wish to have their baby with them in their room. Some mothers need uninterrupted sleep during their recovery. Our newborn nursery is the place your baby will be taken if he or she is not with you.

Nurses and doctors specially trained in the care of newborns staff our nursery. These nurses care for your baby in the nursery and in your room while you have your own nurse taking care of you.

We are dedicated to making your baby’s birth an amazing beginning for you and your family. We know that today’s mother has definite wishes about her birth experience and it is our goal to fulfill those wishes.

Your nurse will observe your baby both in the nursery and in your room. When you are ready, they will help you care for your newborn in your room. If you need extra recovery time, know that your baby will receive expert care in our nursery.

First car seat

There are many different kinds of car seats. Therefore we suggest you have your car seat tested and properly installed before your delivery. Our education department can help you find a convenient location to have this done.


Upon request the photographer will take your baby’s picture and place it on our website so you can share your new arrival with friends and family.

Lactation Support

If you need help learning to breastfeed, our lactation specialists are available. Whether you are the new parents of a single or parenting multiples, Woman’s Hospital offers a variety of classes and support groups to help.