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ambitious wife, bookworm, business owner woman

jessica b.
she is why we are here.


jessica b.

Jessica loves talking about her and her husband’s growing business, love of books and life. But the question she hears most: Don’t you want kids?

The answer for Jessica is... no. Being married and in her 30s, Jessica doesn’t expect the question to go away anytime soon, but she's got other plans.

Who is she? She's Jessica.

Meet Jessica

Where are you from, Jessica?

My parents are from Colombia, and so I’m a first generation Houstonian and American in my family.

Congratulations on your growing and evolving business Goodspero! Can you tell us a bit about the company and what inspired you to create it?

Thanks. My parents owned food trucks before food trucks became the trendy thing they are today. So, I guess becoming an entrepreneur is sort of in my blood. My business started as a sort of crowdfunding platform to provide books and educational resources to Latin Americans, but it evolved to helping local businesses in Houston do crowdfunding.

It’s evolved even further, as now we help businesses with using social media in all sorts of ways, from the basic to advanced techniques. We teach how to make videos, edit them on phones. All sorts of things. It’s fun. I went back to school for business to help us with our business!

You’re clearly a big thinker but understand you and your husband are building a “Tiny House.” Tell us more.

One of my parents’ properties was damaged by Hurricane Harvey. We took that opportunity to sell our house as my parents started repairs on the damaged home and then we moved into their home that had been damaged when the major repairs had been made. We agreed to help fix it back up, while at the same time transitioning into our tiny house, which we'll be working on simultaneously on the same property. It was the perfect chance to pursue the dream of owning a tiny house that I’ve wanted to do for like five years. The tiny home will be our home as well as a mobile video production studio. I’m so excited.

Any health challenges you’ve faced?

When I was in college — I’m not sure if it’s from the stress — but all of a sudden I started getting really bad headaches. They just make me want to sleep all day. I saw doctors and had tests done, but no one could find anything. So, I started to try some stuff on my own like becoming vegan. It’s helped, but the headaches still come. I had to cut out alcohol and Coke completely. Even a drop causes these intense migraine headaches.

Do you talk with women about this stuff?

Not really. I think women just kind of hide things and don’t want to burden others. My mom has her own health issues so I don’t want to worry her either. Sometimes it’s easiest just to look up stuff online about health. Google knows more about us than anybody!!

Around that time of the month, I don't like to admit it. I start to feel crazy and just mad at the world... - jessica b.

Having a baby is not part of your plans, and you’ve mentioned you have felt judged by others for it. How do you deal with that?

It’s the biggest theme in my life. Not too many women I know who don’t want kids. I don’t want them. People ask me, "When are you going to have kids?" all the time. I tell my husband not to leave me in the room with another mom or woman, because it’s one of the first questions they ask. I’m been in rough conversations with people who can’t have kids, and most don’t understand my choice.

So, I started writing about it. As a girl, I thought women have to have kids... that’s just how it is. I wish I would have realized at a younger age that I’m not alone and that you don’t have to have a kid to be fulfilled. I don’t have a motherly bone in my body! I thought getting older that people wouldn’t ask so much, but they still do. My friends say I’ll change my mind. What can you do?

What’s something women struggle with most?

Menstruation. All the things that happen to you. We get emotional. Around that time of the month, I don't like to admit it. I start to feel crazy and mad at the world... My husband brought up, maybe if I were on a birth control pill it would help, but I don’t like putting things like that in my body. Even headache pills. I guess it’s just something women have to deal with that men don’t. It’s a whole different world being a woman!

I wish I would have realized at a younger age that I'm not alone and that you don't have to have a kid to be fulfilled. - jessica b.

What’s the best part about being a woman, in your mind?

Intuition. Women just get these “vibes” that I don’t think men do as much.

What’s your idea of the perfect day?

Having time to read and work on film. Rollerblade, mountains, road trip... My husband and I love to travel.

What’s one of your greatest accomplishments?

Starting my business. I love the freedom that comes with working for yourself.

What would you tell a girl with dreams and ambitions?

Not to be afraid to be independent. If you’re going to work hard for someone else, you can do it for yourself.

What word best describes you?


Who is Jessica five years from now, and what’s she up to?

Traveling the world...


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