Q. How do I obtain a press kit?
A. Contact CeCe Clemens at 713-790-8668.

Q. Who do I contact for interview requests?
A. Contact CeCe Clemens at 713-790-8668

Q. How do I obtain permission to use The Woman's Hospital name or logo?
A. The Woman's Hospital of Texas strives to maintain a consistent identity when its name or logo are referred to in any print or television medium.

Name: The Woman's Hospital of Texas


Please be aware that the hospital is properly referred to the singular possessive "Woman's" not "Women's." Also, the hospital's logo should only be used for marketing or promoting the institution and its programs.

Q. I'd like to speak to an expert. Do you have expert sources available?
A. The Woman's Hospital of Texas has experts available to speak on a wide range of medical topics. For more information about an expert source for a media opportunity, please call CeCe Clemens at 713-790-8668.

Q. Can I arrange a guided tour of The Woman's Hospital facilities?
A. Yes, please contact CeCe Clemens at 713-790-8668 to arrange a guided tour.