Maternity Care

Research proves that experienced doctors generally produce better outcomes. That’s why delivering at Woman’s Hospital is important for your health and that of your baby. We deliver nearly 10,000 babies a year, more than any other hospital in the Houston area.

We provide compassionate, quality health care during pregnancy with a comprehensive program of research, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, education, maternity classes and individual and family support programs under 1 roof.

We offer in-house, board certified maternal-fetal subspecialists, neonatologists and anesthesiologists. This ensures the highest quality care for mothers and their babies. Our round-the-clock, high-risk maternal-fetal transport program, means you and your baby can be transported to the Woman’s Hospital of Texas safely.

Our high-risk perinatal programs provide constant monitoring of mom and baby, while the baby grows as much as possible in the stable environment of the womb. All women who have had a high-risk pregnancy or are predisposed should choose a hospital where their baby’s needs can be met as well as their own.

Start your baby off right. Let our experience work for you.