Diabetes Management

Diabetes Self-Management Program Class Offerings

The ABC's of Diabetes and Pregnancy is the nationally recognized Diabetes Self-Management Program at The Woman's Hospital of Texas.  Classes are designed specifically to meet the needs of women with diabetes prior to and during pregnancy.  Our Certified Diabetes Educators provide information, guidance and support to help women accomplish their health goals throughout the childbearing years.

Advanced registration is required for all classes.  Partners are encouraged to attend at no additional charge.  We regret we are unable to accommodate children.  Your parking ticket will be validated when you come to class.  Please review these class descriptions to learn more about the educational offerings that will best meet your individual needs.


The ABC's of Diabetes and Pregnancy - one 4-hour class

This class instructs participants in the management of diabetes through meal planning, blood glucose monitoring, exercise and stress management.  Discussion also includes labor and delivery, infant feeding, postpartum issues, six-week blood glucose follow-up, and planning for future pregnancies.


Meal Planning - one 2-hour class

This nutrition class teaches participants meal planning concepts through individualized meal plans.  Discussion includes label reading, dining out, sweeteners and special occasion foods based on the exchange system.



"Planning Ahead" Pre-Conception Counseling - one 1.5 hour class

This class is designed for patients with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes prior to pregnancy (pregestational), those with a prior history of Gestational diabetes and those patients with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) - Emphasizes planning for:

  • pregnancy
  • risk factors
  • common difficulties in adjusting to diabetes
  • update on diabetes treatment
  • birth control
  • potential problems for mom and baby
  • meal planning
  • meter
  • exercise
  • stress management
  • diabetes after delivery and breastfeeding
  • insulin needs

Please call 713-791-7559 or 713-383-2839 for dates and times.


Blood Glucose Meter Instruction - one half hour class

This class teaches participants how to select a blood glucose meter that is best suited to their needs, use of the selected meter and how to perform quality control checks.  Also includes recording of blood glucose results and how to analyze them over time for appropriate diabetes management.


Insulin Instruction - one half-hour class

This class teaches insulin preparation and administration, insulin timing, storage and pattern management.


Get Pumped - Insulin Pump Class - one 3-hour class

This class is for patients who have mastered insulin techniques and are motivated for more intense management through use of an insulin pump.  This class provides instruction on the use of the pump, pattern management and carbohydrate counting.


Carbohydrate counting - one 1-hour class

This nutrition class is for those who would like to achieve better blood glucose control.  Advance meal planning concepts are taught in conjunction with insulin management.